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Title: Who's In The Box
Date: January 7th, 2014
Time: 8/7 Central for more info...


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Could Ravenswood be stuck in a different decade?
Their cars look like 60s styles. The towns set out is very dated such as outside the hairdressers. I noticed a stoller in a store window which is also of 60s style. Inside the hairdressers i noticed the employee is wearing a uniform, which nowadays they only wear black clothes (that im aware of), this uniform reminds me of the 50s - 60s. During the ceremony i noticed alot, but not all, of the clothes were old, some of the brims of the hats remind me of the 60s also, while some others, such as the one at the bottom of the bottom right photo, look like a 30s hat for men. The filter of the scenes in Ravenswood is almost black as white also - except for in the hairdressers.
Its almost as if time just stopped for Ravenswood. Could this be the curse the show is about?image

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    Could Ravenswood be stuck in a different decade? Their cars look like 60s styles. The towns set out is very dated such...
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  5. brittanyisscared said: Oooo, that’s a great theory! Oliver Goldstick said that Ravenswood would have a Twilight Zone feel to it. That’s what the old cars and the black and white made me think of.
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