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Title: Who's In The Box
Date: January 7th, 2014
Time: 8/7 Central for more info...


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synoposis: As “A” continues to play games, the stakes are raised higher as each girl is forced into difficult positions. Aria starts to seriously contemplate her relationship with Ezra as his new family situation continues to eat away at her. Hanna is thrown into the middle of Caleb’s family drama when Jamie’s shady past comes back to haunt him. Emily is determined to prove Spencer wrong in hopes of helping her, but she might not be ready for what she finds. In the end, will the Liars be able to get out of their sticky situations or will “A” have them right where he/she wants them? Meanwhile, Spencer searches for answers about Mona’s time in Radley Sanitarium.


  • Someone’s body will be found during this episode and it appears to be someone close to Emily as she is devasted when her mother informs her of the news.
  • A will be terrorizing the Liars at the town Carnival.
  • Alison and Big A will appear in this episode.
  • Spencer discovers that Wren authorized a Radley Sanitarium vistor’s pass for CeCe, possibly for when Mona was in Radley.
  • We might learn a new secret of Alison’s which might reveal that she is not the real puppet master and this has been someone else’s game from the start (Big A’s).
  • Mona will share a scene with Hanna in this episode.
  • There will be a flashback from 1x10 when Mona tried to run over Hanna.
  • Jenna will be in this episode
  • Spencer will find out that “Red Coat” visited Mona a lot when she was In Radley.
  • Spencer and Wren will share a scene in this episode
  • A pre-pilot flashback (most likely the one that reveals why Mona joined the A team) will also be featured in this episode.

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