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Title: Who's In The Box
Date: January 7th, 2014
Time: 8/7 Central for more info...


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whatsmyjenesaisquoi said: I haven’t seen Scared Shrekless but the others, I consider to be Halloween classics, and they should be fine. There’s another good Disney movie about a mummy and another about these kids trying to save their mom because her boyfriend was a vampire

I just search them and “Under Wraps” and “Mom’s got a date with a vampire”? I think ill add Under Wraps to the list. Thanks for the help xxx


I’m making a halloween marathon night for my little sister and brother (10 & 8) the movies i have are:

1. Scared Shrekless 

2. Halloweentown

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

4. Hocus Pocus

I havent seen any of these before (and im aware Scared Shrekless is only 20 mins long), but i was wondering if they are good movies for “Halloween”, especially for the age group… i think they are, but i dont want them to be aimed at like 5 year olds or 13 year olds and them not enjoy it. Also if you have any suggestions please let me know. xxx

or “reply” if you have the option  

updating my side bar tomorrow, and adding some new features and deleting some others. ill let you know when its done so you can check it out. at the moment it has OLD theories in the sidebar and im aware and will be changing that also. Xx

allthoselittleliarsIt was in the books , mike and Hanna dated in the books and it was actually really cute but I’m not sure if they’re going down that route

i thought that too, but i read it here. Xx


mike has a past with hanna and mona wants a future with him. ok. 

Anonymous said: I am looking to be an admin we have a lot of the same theories. I have been waiting for someone to finally realize this with me. I was wondering if you could let me know fast? I will literally do anything to be an Admin. I live PLL I am Olivia I am 17 and follow me on twitter and DM ME? @schneiderolivia Thank you!

This blog is only ran by myself, i havent been posting lately because ive been super busy with university, but that is over now. i begin university again february next year, and may be looking for someone to help me run this blog consistently then. so if you are still interested in a few months, message me again, and im sure we could work something out. xx

i ship caleb and miranda but i also ship caleb and hanna. and i’m just so confused right now. :’(

i hope alison becomes a main character like spencer, hanna, aria and emily. if she is on there once every few episodes and 4b is about the girls trying to find her i will be so mad.